Hi and welcome! My name is Nat and I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my blog. The name ‘Tilly-Anne’ came from a nick name my Grandad used to call me when I was very little. To be fair, he used to tease me with it but I came to love it over time. I have been on a few design teams. ‘Leonie Pujol’ (which is a great friend of mine) and ‘Mamamakes’. Currently I am on the design team for ‘Craftascope’ for the one and only, Nick Roberts! He has designed beautiful collections, but I must admit, the stencils/mask are my fave.

I have been crafting for about 14 years and at heart, I’m a mixed media artist. I learned my skills from my mum since a very young age. She is my inspiration and I’m very grateful that she taught me everything I know about art.

When I started out with craft, I used to buy mini make-your-own card kits. I loved them and that’s when I got the bug for papercrafting. Over the years, I started to apply my art knowledge and techniques to create mixed media pieces.

With crafting, I am always learning and finding out about new techniques. I get my inspiration from Pinterest, Youtube, blogs, Facebook, Instagram and the world around me. I like to challenge myself too. It may take me a few days to complete a project but it makes it all worthwhile.

The areas of craft I delve into the most are; papercrafting, stamping, stencilling (which is a bit of obsession) and painting. On most projects, I combine these together to create an array of surfaces and texture. I find texture is important in my projects as they turnout different and unique each time – I like pieces to be touchy-feely.

I craft because art and craft is my life and always will be. I use it as my own personal therapy as I have suffered with bi-polar for many years. It relieves me of stress and I find it very mindful to put my excessive energy into something beautiful and meaningful.

Thank you for stopping by.

Nat x