Heart balloons and cuteness! A card made with love

Natalie EllisBlog

This cute card I made was for my mum’s birthday. I had to wait until after she had received it before I could show you all, so now I can!

I wanted to go for a clean and crisp look with splashes of colour. Also, I had decided that I wasn’t going to use a sentiment on the card so that it would be a more generic piece; maybe to place in a frame? This card would be great for both adults and the kids. You could even make it for Valentines Day.

For the background, I used some bright, warm watercolours. I adore soft watercolour backgrounds and it always gives that arty feel that I look for.

The hearts were made with a simple heart stamp and cut out. To compliment the yellow/orange background, I chose purple watercolour so that the hearts would stand out beautifully.

I used black thread with the hearts to create balloons. Also I made teeny weeny bows which I stuck down separately on the bottom of each balloon and the tail. These were sooo fiddly but I took my time and persevered…

The little dog I chose was from a stamp set made by ‘Indigoblu’. This particular dog looks very happy and also had a good tail to attach the hearts to. Perfect!

To give the focus of the card some grounding and bring it altogether, I stamped a quirky frame straight onto the card blank. After, I stuck down all my embellishments with 3D glue for some dimension.

I hope you like it!

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