Little black book – handmade note book from scratch

Natalie EllisBlog

Handmade books are just beautiful. I’ve never made one and was always curious. I’m normally quite ambitious and do something quite challenging, but I knew a few things can go wrong along the way (also, I didn’t want to ruin the designer paper sheet I have lovingly kept for years). I made this book because I needed somewhere to keep private information. I know we aren’t supposed to write down passwords but who doesn’t? I have so many accounts for various things, I need to keep track of it all.

For this book, I used a traditional method of binding and got my needle and thread out. The pages were made with copy paper then I mounted white card on each page to make it more rigid.

The front of the book was simple. I mounted the trimmed designer paper and stamped the words ‘Black Book’ and mounted them too.

I didn’t make the spine thick enough to keep the book flat and decided to make an elastic band to fit around it. I found some black elastic and black-stitched ribbon, then hand-sewed them together. This held the pages together nicely and also looked pretty good.

Inside the cover I created a little pocket to keep handmade tags. I also stencilled some patterns on each page for some interest so they wouldn’t look so plain.

Voila! A cute little notebook.