‘Share a little love’ – simple card with rose petals

Natalie EllisBlog

The time of year has come for making Valentines crafts! I enjoy making cards with themes of love. They can be used all year round to tell someone you love them or even just to spread the love!

I have a bag of dried rose petals which have been sat in the draw for an age. I really wanted to use them and thought I should incorporate them into a little card.

I cut a rectangle aperture into the front of my card blank and cut two rectangle pieces of acetate (about a centimetre) bigger than the aperture. I then chose some rose petals and squished them between the acetate and sealed around the edges.

Before sticking the acetate behind the aperture, I stamped ‘love’ onto the card blank with some red ink.

The card needed some more texture and something a bit different. I pricked vertical lines of holes with a pin and used red embroidery thread to sew through them. I chose to knot the thread on the front of the card for added interest.

This card would be a wonderful keepsake and a lovely reminder for someone very special. I hope you like it and maybe give it a go? You could put all sorts of things between the acetate and personalise away!

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