Stuck in a hole..

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Yes… I’m back! It has been a while I know. Please accept my apologies for being away for so long and I would like to thank you all for you’re continued support. I’ve noticed that you have still been looking through my blog and have probably been wondering when I will post something new, so here I am.

I have been in a deep hole (metaphorically speaking) and thought I’d be open with you all. If you have read my ‘About me’ page, you will know that I suffer from bi-polar depression. Last year I lost all my mojo and creativity and couldn’t even bare to step foot into my craft room. I even stopped going on Facebook and Instagram, but to be fair, that did help with my recovery.

I know that I have said before that I use my crafting as a sort of therapy, but I was having a really bad time with my mental health and that wasn’t even working. It was just one thing after another causing stress and I just broke down. It can be very frustrating making me feel worse, then I get trapped in a cycle. Maybe some of you can relate? Anyway, I managed to climb and scrape myself out of my ‘hole’ and slowly got back into my crafting. Success!

Now I have somewhat gotten over procrastinating, I have a few things coming up the pipeline that I have been working on. I can’t tell you yet as I have to get a few things into place; I’m quite proud of myself that I’ve got the confidence to go ahead! I suppose I can give you a little clue – Gelli mono-printing. It’s something that I can’t stop doing as it can be quite freeing and creative. Acrylic paints are my favourite medium to work with and I needed to use something that I love. Anyhoo, please keep an eye out and hopefully you will like what’s coming up.

I hope you all are doing well and I will look forward to sharing more information about what I’m getting up to.

Thank you for stopping by! Sending crafty love and I will see you soon. Natalie x